Character Profile: Merced

So, trying out a new thing. While I have ref sheets and sketches of a handful of original characters here, they don’t go into a lot of backstory. So, these character profiles will go into further detail about them (and may be updated as their stories develop.)  That said, let’s start us off with…

Merced Whitlock

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5’4″ (not including ears)
Weight: 125 lb.
Species: Cabbit

While technically one character, there are at least three generations of her in the same storyline, each about 150 years apart.

The Steampunk Era: In a time of mechanical wonders and magical presence, a class of unofficial nobles rose in burgeoning industries. The Whitlock family, among the noveau riche, aimed to carve their niche in the competitive field of aviation. However, the daughter of the family, currently their Director of Research and Development and majority shareholder in the Whitlock Aviation Company, saw the injustice these robber barons wreaked upon the common people. So when heads are turned, she dons an armor of her own design and takes to the skies as the peoples’ hero, Hermes!

The Modern Era: An undeclared major in a nondescript downtown university, Merced Whitlock had enough to worry about: exhaustive studies, keeping her social life alive, one day inheriting a conglomerate, dodging the diabolical creations of the city’s multiple resident mad scientists, gaining the power to grow to kaiju size and shrink to mouse size at will, and not accidentally sitting on her dormmate, who literally is a mouse. Will she make it? Will you be there to cheer her on?

The Cyberpunk Future: The night has given way to neon and LED lights. Life and AI are increasingly blurred, and the corporations of this beautiful future have grown lawless. With a band of hackers, runners and various odd-jobbers, Emcee Whitz, with her rocket-powered skates, lighting-fast acrobatic skill and her rad attitude fights to unlock the secrets of the powerful corporations that rule the landscape!

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