About Fenris

By all outward appearances Fenris is an artist with an over-the-top personality, but deep down inside he’s just a well-meaning man-puppy.

Pretty much every artist brags about how they’ve been drawing since they could hold a pencil. Fenris is no exception. Getting his start in school newsletters and eventually working his way up to The Daily Cougar in 2006, Fenris is an illustrator at heart, specializing in cartoons and comics.

Fen’s talents also extend to graphic design, both in web design and advertising. He’s built websites for small and mid-sized businesses nationwide, as well as designed print publications and ads for┬ámajor nonprofit and government clients.

For fun he’ll occasionally write humor, at one point appearing in Cracked while it was still in print.

Sometime in 2007, a friend asked Fenris if he wanted to contribute to a new podcast he was planning. Nothing specific was asked of him, just general musings or observations, written or recorded. As a result, Fen Rants was born.

For a cumulative seven seasons Fenris produced fast-paced, insightful rants for Taking Up Space and ActFur On Air, Australian comedy podcasts focused on geek and anthropomorphic culture. Some of his greatest hits can be heard via Internet Archive.

Fenris also lent his voice as an actor to two serial radio dramas, ActFur Murder Mystery and Bacon Quest. He still records announcements for convention panels once in a while.

Scottish-born to Finnish and Austrian parents, Fenris bounced around the world for much of his youth, eventually settling in Houston, Texas. He studied graphic design at the University of Houston, earning an MA in Digital Media Studies in 2011. He currently lives in Houston.

Fenris is also an avid film buff and cook, and known to collect comics.